More recently I have started to become at peace with my current circumstances. I can’t change them at the moment, the only thing I can do is accept them completely and try my best to be at peace with who I am right now, what I have in this moment, and where I am in my life at this moment in time. I am grateful for my beautiful mess, and I am at peace with it. Today be at peace with who you are, what you have, and where you are in life at this point in time. Keep on keeping on and have a great day everyone. 💜

Choose To Be Awesome

Have you ever just woken up and said to yourself, “This day is going to be AMAZING!” to only run into one problem after another problem, after another, and realize that your AWESOME day turned out to be not so AWESOME at all, Me too. 

I wake up in the morning, and I feel fantastic thinking that I will have an amazing day, and there are those days that I do. But then there are those days that I wake up, and I may have had a seizure through the night, and I feel a bit groggy and stiff in the morning. I open my eyes, and even though I might not want to embrace the day and make it amazing, I do anyway. 

Today, and everyday.

I get out of bed, stretch my arms up high, and begin to move my body. I take a deep breath in and a deep breath out, and I say thank you for the new day that I have before me. I exercise, shower, plan my day out and make an effort to have the most AMAZING day possible.

As the day progresses, I might have another seizure, or I might not, and if I do, I will still choose to make my day as awesome as possible. I will stay thankful for the day and embrace the beautiful mess that life has given me.

When you find yourself waking up expecting to have an AMAZING day, but then life rears its head and pulls a fast one on you, don’t let it stop you from having an awesome day. Please open your eyes, and realize that you have been given this day to make it only as AMAZING as you have the power to make it. Choose to make it as Awesome as possible by embracing your beautiful mess and being grateful for all of it. 

What is it that you are thankful for today? Let me know in the comments section, or write it down in your journal.

If you don’t have a journal, check out mine here, and begin your journey

Peace is found in the present

I have been feeling quite anxious over the past few weeks due to a few things out of my control. Work has been a bit stressful, and dealing with a few health hurdles on top of it has made my thought process get quite cluttered.

I was thinking too far ahead when I really should have been thinking of the here and now, and I wasn’t allowing myself to feel the peace of the present moment; today, that changes.

I am choosing today to think in this moment, for this is the only moment that matters. Overthinking about the future doesn’t bring me any peace, and I am choosing to be at ease at this moment. As the great  philosopher Marcus Aurelius once said,

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” -Marcus Aurelius

Be at peace with your thoughts today; tomorrow is not promised to anyone. If you feel anxious, allow yourself room to breathe and bring yourself back to what is in front of you. Keep on keeping on everyone.

What is it that you are thankful for today? Let me know in the comments section, or write it down in your journal.

If you don’t have a journal, check out mine here

It feels good to feel good

It Feels Good to be Alive today. Although I may have aches and pains and may feel sick at times, it feels good to be alive today. I may complain about how things are in my life, and my work situation might not be so ideal at the moment, but it feels good to be alive today.

My advice for everyone today is to enjoy this life and make it feel good; however, that may be for you. You only get one chance, so choose it well, and if some days seem like Hell, don’t despair; a day is just a day; it’s not your entire life; tomorrow is around the corner. Continue to move forward with a smile.

I realize that my past is gone, and right now is the only moment I have to think about, and right now, my life feels good. I acknowledge that my life is not perfect; it is, in fact, nowhere near it. It has bumps, and it has roadblocks, and I get angry and upset and frustrated, but my life feels good.

My life will continue to have ups and continue to have downs, and it will never be perfect, so I will promise myself today to embrace it anyway.

Feeling good just feels good

Each waking moment is a new chance to choose how to live my life, and I will choose to live it with hope. I will choose to feel good, even though sometimes life may not feel so good, but today is different today, and today life feels good.

What are three things that you are grateful for today? Let me know in the comments section, or write it down in your journal; if you don’t have a journal, check out mine here

Happiness Is In Your Way Of Thinking

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

If you want to be happy, read this.

Stop saying; I can’t, it can’t, I hate, it’s not easy, it’s easier said than done, I have; no time, no patience, no control over. I’m too old, I’m too young, I’m too fat, I’m too skinny. My life is; not easy, not good enough, so screwed up, too hard, not worth it. No one; loves me, likes me, wants me, thinks of me, needs me…

To be happier do this…

I can, it can, I love, it’s easy, I will not rely on my excuses. I have time, if I want to, I’m peaceful, I am in control, I’m just right. My life is messy, but it’s beautiful. It’s not easy, but what in life is easy? My life is; good the way it is, imperfect, but it’s mine, my life is worth it. I am likable, I am lovable, people are thinking of me and I feel supported, I am needed in this world. 

I believe in you. Believe in yourself too.

Photo by alexander bracken on Unsplash

When you believe in yourself there is nothing you can’t do, when you believe in yourself you will develop the power to pull through. The world becomes larger, and clearer each day, and you start to develop the courage that you need to get you through even the darkest day. 

Your life may seem tough at times, and that’s okay, continue to believe in yourself and your abilities anyway. The challenges you face may seem so much harder, but when you believe in yourself, you will be able to handle them much smarter. 

So believe in yourself, and know that I believe in you too, know that there is someone out there who is thinking of you. There are people out there who want you to succeed and do your best, there are people out there who believe in you, and want you to pass the test. 

This test of yours is life, and you can get through, just by believing in yourself and all that you can do. 

Love Yourself

A Poem about Love

Love is hope; love is peace, love is happiness and joy. Love is warmth, love is a comfort, love is safety, and it is calm. Love is loud, love is exciting, love is eye-opening and is also uplifting.

Love is only present; it doesn’t think of the past, it allows you to live now, and create the life that you want, love is the opposite of fear, it lets you push through, it has no judgment, it lets you be you.

When we choose to love the world will seem clear when we choose to love, all that we fear will disappear. Our eyes will open up to new miracles surrounding us, and the world becomes bigger just knowing what’s around us.

Be kind to yourself, and be helpful to others, show them love, but most importantly show yourself love to because the love that you have for yourself will give you the strength to pull through.

So choose to love life, all you’re and what you have. There is only one chance at it, choose to love it choose to feel it, choose to be open to it each day.

Seize The Day, Or Don’t. The Choice Is Yours.

A poem about Life

If this is the only post you read today, let this be it. Let these words sink in, and penetrate deep into your soul, knowing that all you have is now, so seize this life, and seize it now. know that life is limited, not limitless. Live in the moment. Embrace your mess, ignore the naysayers and do your best. It goes by fast, and can be hard at times, but choose to believe that your life is blessed. Life is stressful, and that’s okay, choose to smile, and choose to love anyway. Your life is yours, not someone else’s, make sure you live it your way.

Please remember, though, that as tough as life is, it can be beautiful too, but only if allow it to be, this is your life, your reality. Choose to embrace your imperfections, and acknowledge your flaws, this life only comes around once, so choose to love it all. Seize your day, whatever that means to you, but don’t get so caught up in what others think of you.

Choose to be yourself, believe in yourself, love yourself, and smile. Because life is short, and won’t last forever, choose to seize this day, and love, and live it your way.

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