Monday inspiration; some day’s start out on the right foot, some days start out on the left foot. Keep moving forward anyway.

Move Forward On Monday

Giving up used to come very easy for me; I would start something, make a mistake, or fail at it, and I would give up. After my failed Temporal lobectomy in 2013 and realizing that I would be living with Epilepsy for the rest of my life, I chose not to give up any longer. I wanted to make every effort to live my best, and to do my best, and to embrace each new moment as if it were a fresh start; this is why I love Mondays so much. 

Mondays are a fresh new start to a brand new week; they allow us to put aside what happened yesterday and open ourselves to what will be today. You can prepare yourself for a new challenge, and if you are still dealing with a current challenge, Monday’s are an opportunity to face that current challenge with a fresh new perspective. 

Every Monday, whether I feel good or bad, I focus on feeling good regardless, and I ready myself for the new week ahead. I don’t dwell on my past, and I don’t fight what I may currently be going through; I embrace my mess and move forward. 

Have a great week, continue to embrace your beautiful mess, and never give up! 

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