Never Give Up; even on the toughest of days.

Life might seem challenging for you right now, but don’t let it stop you. Life may be unfair sometimes and cause you heartache and pain; don’t give up.

Make a promise today to keep moving forward and to keep doing your best, even though life might not be the best at the moment. Most importantly, though, Never Give Up! Keep on keeping on, and have a great day everyone 💜


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Keep on keeping on, Danny

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The Pills That We Take.

Medication; it’s our lifeline,  or is it? We go to our doctors,  and they give us our prescriptions, then they send us home and tell us that all will be okay,  but will we? Medication; we have to take them, but that doesn’t mean that our Medications have to take us.

The side effects alone may cause us to feel sick,  and to lose our sense of self,  but the drugs we take do not mean that we  have to lose hope.

There are days when we might feel hopeless, and like we are ready to give in, those are the days we have to remember that gratitude is warm coat we have to wrap ourselves in. 

Medication; you have to take it, don’t let it take you.  You are so much more than the pills that you are given, and if you’re finding yourself feeling down,  continue to look up because you only have one life, embrace it, and be grateful today,  tomorrow,  and always

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My broken brain and Gratitude

As this new week opens up, I am thankful. It is four days before Thanksgiving, and I want to remind myself that while my life is not perfect and I don’t have everything I want out of it; yet, I am thankful for what I do have.

I have a brain that might act up sometimes and tends to misbehave when I least expect it to, but at least I have a working, operating, thinking mind. It allows me to complete simple tasks, and it enables me to complete large ones, too, even though those tasks might take a little longer to complete than others. It is a brain that is complex and hard to figure out, and as each new day passes and the more complicated it gets, the more I begin to realize that I must start to appreciate the three-pound mass inside of my skull.

I am not in the best living situation right now, I may be alone, but I am not lonely. Sometimes when I feel lonely, I remind myself that I am not alone and that I have people in my life who are there to help.

I have connections near and far, and it is those connections that keep me grounded and keep me pushing forward. I am thankful for each person I meet, and I am grateful that they continue to be in my life.

I will continue to be thankful for this new day and this new week. It is gratitude that keeps me moving.



As you approach this week, be thankful for the little blessings in front of you and be grateful for those small victories too. It is those small victories throughout our week that add up to the big things and make things feel good.

Don’t take this life for granted, and be thankful for it all. Keep on keeping on.


What are you thankful for today? Let me know by leaving a comment or writing them down in a journal.

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Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

A poem about our inner voice, and how it can heal.

The voices you choose can save your life, the voices you choose can change your life.

The voices you choose can cause you harm, make you feel sad, or can give you new hope, even during those times when you feel at the end of your rope.

The words you speak to yourself will cause you to feel down or will allow you to keep your chin up when life feels unsound. These words can sting, or they can sing, but most importantly they can heal.

So, If you continue to look up, even when you’re down, your life will start to turn right around. It may not happen fast, it may take some time, but the voices you choose will make you begin to feel just fine.

Each new day will bring something different, so allow yourself to speak; feel and let go, allowing you the room you need to listen to the voices that will help you grow.

life can be either messy, or it can be sublime, but when you choose to talk to yourself with the right voices, life will seem less complicated, and in the end, reassure you that life is not  terrible all the time.