The Pills That We Take.

Medication; it’s our lifeline,  or is it? We go to our doctors,  and they give us our prescriptions, then they send us home and tell us that all will be okay,  but will we? Medication; we have to take them, but that doesn’t mean that our Medications have to take us.

The side effects alone may cause us to feel sick,  and to lose our sense of self,  but the drugs we take do not mean that we  have to lose hope.

There are days when we might feel hopeless, and like we are ready to give in, those are the days we have to remember that gratitude is warm coat we have to wrap ourselves in. 

Medication; you have to take it, don’t let it take you.  You are so much more than the pills that you are given, and if you’re finding yourself feeling down,  continue to look up because you only have one life, embrace it, and be grateful today,  tomorrow,  and always

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A Glass Half Full

I am an optimist; I have spent too much of my life being a pessimist. I looked at the glass half empty instead of half full, and I focused on the bad instead of the good, and I thought that my life was worse than anyone else when in reality, many others have it so much worse. 

As I began to look at my life and realize just how good it really is compared to others around me, I started to open up to the good around me. Yes, my life isn’t perfect; yes, I have three neurological disorders that include epilepsy, which gets in my way from time to time; but things could always be worse, and I could still choose to think differently about it all, but I don’t. Life’s too short to take anything for granted. 

I let myself suffer for too long, which only led to deep heartache, sadness, and almost death. When I approached that final moment, and I was ready to end my life, I didn’t realize who else I would be hurting; I didn’t think of anyone else but myself. Looking back on that day, I am thankful that I didn’t follow through on what I had planned for myself because life had more important things set in place for me. 

I am an optimist, and I don’t take my life for granted. I choose to be grateful each day, and I don’t complain about the things that I cannot change. I focus on the good in my life, and I embrace my mess. I understand that life is not perfect, and neither am I. I have my days when I feel angry, and when I feel sad and downright miserable along with every other emotion, I don’t hold onto them. I let myself feel them now, sit with them, and let them go. 

Life is too short to spend it being angry, sad, miserable, and frustrated at the world all the time. It is time to feel good, and I will. Will you too?

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I Am A Thriver

I Am A Thriver; I am opening myself up to the gratitude of the day; I cannot control the madness that is going on around me, but I am grateful for being able to choose how to respond to them. Each day that I am alive is a new day to thrive and survive, some things may be out of my control, but I am in control of how I choose to respond to them and move forward. 

I may have Epilepsy, but Epilepsy doesn’t have me, I am a thriver, and I choose to live each day in the light of gratitude, hope, faith, and love. I will not let Epilepsy stop me from enjoying each day to it’s fullest and embracing the good in each day, and while even though life might throw me a curveball every so often; I will duck and keep on walking. 

As you move forward today, open yourself up to gratitude, embrace your beautiful mess, and continue to thrive. 

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What are you thankful for today? Let me know by leaving a comment or writing them down in a journal.

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Merry Christmas to all of you that celebrate! May this day be full of love, happiness and joy for everyone. The Holidays can be filled with stress; don’t allow the stress of the past, stress of the present, and stress of the future to turn into something even bigger for you. Accept it, acknowledge it, and let it go. It is allowing yourself to feel joy. Keep on keeping on everyone, and have a Merry Christmas. ✌🎄

Fear Has Nothing On Me

With all that is going on around us, it is easy to allow fear to enter our minds and stop us from moving forward; I know that I have let that happen too often, but today that stops.

Today I promise myself not to allow the presence of fear to stop me from doing what I need to get done. I choose to embrace fear with an open heart and conscious mind, never for a minute allowing the fear of that of which is present to keep me from living the life that I want to live. I am just as deserving as anyone else in this life, and I will not let fear of my future stop me from getting what I deserve out of it.

As this world evolves, there will always be something to fear, but I will continue to embrace the unknown before me, and let my fear mold me instead of fold me. Because, afterall, eventhough fear is a genuine emotion, it is only as real as I allow it to be, and today in this moment, I am letting go of fear and embracing all that life throws at me.

As you move forwad through your day today, recognize that fear is a genuine emotion, and with all that is happening around you at the moment, you could either choose to let go of your anxiety, or hold onto them, allowing them to fold you Keeping you from living your life. Let go, move forward, embrace the beautiful mess and stay grateful. Keep on Keeping on.

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It feels good to feel good

It Feels Good to be Alive today. Although I may have aches and pains and may feel sick at times, it feels good to be alive today. I may complain about how things are in my life, and my work situation might not be so ideal at the moment, but it feels good to be alive today.

My advice for everyone today is to enjoy this life and make it feel good; however, that may be for you. You only get one chance, so choose it well, and if some days seem like Hell, don’t despair; a day is just a day; it’s not your entire life; tomorrow is around the corner. Continue to move forward with a smile.

I realize that my past is gone, and right now is the only moment I have to think about, and right now, my life feels good. I acknowledge that my life is not perfect; it is, in fact, nowhere near it. It has bumps, and it has roadblocks, and I get angry and upset and frustrated, but my life feels good.

My life will continue to have ups and continue to have downs, and it will never be perfect, so I will promise myself today to embrace it anyway.

Feeling good just feels good

Each waking moment is a new chance to choose how to live my life, and I will choose to live it with hope. I will choose to feel good, even though sometimes life may not feel so good, but today is different today, and today life feels good.

What are three things that you are grateful for today? Let me know in the comments section, or write it down in your journal; if you don’t have a journal, check out mine here