Never Give Up; even on the toughest of days.

Life might seem challenging for you right now, but don’t let it stop you. Life may be unfair sometimes and cause you heartache and pain; don’t give up.

Make a promise today to keep moving forward and to keep doing your best, even though life might not be the best at the moment. Most importantly, though, Never Give Up! Keep on keeping on, and have a great day everyone 💜


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Keep on keeping on, Danny

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Brain surgery, strength, and the will to never give up.

Last Friday, I had to have brain surgery done to repair a shunt that had malfunctioned; I have been experiencing headaches and nausea for some time, as well as some changes in my seizure activity, and so my doctor had said it was time to fix the issue.

We all fall and encounter roadblocks in our lives; these past few days have been draining for me, but I have not let the roadblocks in my life stop me, don’t let them stop you.

Continue to believe in yourself and know that you’re stronger than any obstacle put in front of you. Keep on keeping on, and have a great day, everyone.💜

More recently I have started to become at peace with my current circumstances. I can’t change them at the moment, the only thing I can do is accept them completely and try my best to be at peace with who I am right now, what I have in this moment, and where I am in my life at this moment in time. I am grateful for my beautiful mess, and I am at peace with it. Today be at peace with who you are, what you have, and where you are in life at this point in time. Keep on keeping on and have a great day everyone. 💜

The Pills That We Take.

Medication; it’s our lifeline,  or is it? We go to our doctors,  and they give us our prescriptions, then they send us home and tell us that all will be okay,  but will we? Medication; we have to take them, but that doesn’t mean that our Medications have to take us.

The side effects alone may cause us to feel sick,  and to lose our sense of self,  but the drugs we take do not mean that we  have to lose hope.

There are days when we might feel hopeless, and like we are ready to give in, those are the days we have to remember that gratitude is warm coat we have to wrap ourselves in. 

Medication; you have to take it, don’t let it take you.  You are so much more than the pills that you are given, and if you’re finding yourself feeling down,  continue to look up because you only have one life, embrace it, and be grateful today,  tomorrow,  and always

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Move forward on Monday

It’s a brand new day of a brand new week. Open yourself up to the newness of it, and do your best even if you don’t feel your best.

I woke up today not feeling my best, but I will make the best out of my today.

Keep on keeping on and have an awesome day everyone.

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The Voice inside us all.

A poem about our inner voice and how it can heal.

For the longest time, I allowed myself to listen to the negative,  unloving, deceitful voice inside myself; each day, I would awake, and I would move forward with my day,  but in my mind, I was still be held back.  I didn’t see the beauty in my life and the uniqueness in myself; I only saw the darkness surrounding me and the roadblocks up ahead.

When I chose to see my life positively and listen to my positive inner voice,  my life and my perception of it began to change.  I saw things in a new light,  and the roadblocks were now wide open roads for me to travel on and move forward freely with my life.

The voice you choose to listen to can save your life; the voice you choose can change your life.
The voices you choose can cause you harm, make you feel sad, or give you new hope, even during those times when you feel at the end of your rope.
The words you speak to yourself will cause you to feel down or will allow you to keep your chin up when life feels unsound. These words can sting, or they can sing, but most importantly, they can heal.
So, If you continue to look up, even when you’re down, your life will start to turn right around. It may not happen fast, it may take some time, but the voices you choose will make you begin to feel just fine.
Each new day will bring something different, so allow yourself to speak, feel and let go, allowing you the room you need to listen to the voices that will help you grow.
Life can be either messy or sublime, but when you choose to talk to yourself with the right voices, life will seem less complicated, and in the end, reassure you that life is not terrible all the time.

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Keep on keeping on, 


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New Year, New Intentions

It’s January 1st, 2021, and I have never been so ready to move forward into a new year than this one.

I intend to love more; not just others, but most importantly myself. By choosing to love myself more deeply each day will allow me to open myself up to loving others, and sharing in their joy and happiness more freely.

I intend to heal more; life is sometimes unkind and can cause things that are out of my control to happen. I choose to step back and breathe and focus on myself when I need to and allow my body, mind, and soul to heal.

I intend to inspire; I will move forward into this new year and encourage more people with my story. Inspiring others is a fantastic feeling, and I cannot wait to do more of it.

Finally, I intend to continue to stay grateful for my beautiful, messy life; I only have one life to live, and while it may not be perfect, this life is mine, and I am grateful. My body might ache, and my brain might be a little broken, but all in all, this life of mine is amazing, and I am thankful.

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Keep on keeping on, Danny

What are your intentions for the new year ahead? Write them down in your journal, or let me know in the comments section below. If you don’t have a journal, you can check mine out below.

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Merry Christmas to all of you that celebrate! May this day be full of love, happiness and joy for everyone. The Holidays can be filled with stress; don’t allow the stress of the past, stress of the present, and stress of the future to turn into something even bigger for you. Accept it, acknowledge it, and let it go. It is allowing yourself to feel joy. Keep on keeping on everyone, and have a Merry Christmas. ✌🎄