My Book

31 days, 31 promises to bring more love, passion and hope into your life.

In 2013 I was lying in a hospital bed waiting to have three brain surgeries to help stop the madness of a nearly 26 year battle with Epilepsy. My doctors said that the surgery they would be performing, a temporal lobectomy, would be 80% successful in stopping my seizures. I was scared, but I was hopeful at the prospect of being seizure-free and moving forward with a life that would allow me to do all the things that those without Epilepsy can do; operate a vehicle, work longer hours, to feel “normal.”

On the morning of February 7th, I was prepped by the doctors and rolled into the operating room to have what was to be the most life-changing operation of my life.

Two weeks after the operation was completed, I continued to have seizures; it was at this point that my doctors told me that the seizure activity had spread to other areas of my brain, and the surgery had not been entirely successful. I remember lying in my bed feeling sad, but I also remember not feeling defeated. It was at that moment that I began to write.

I wanted to make a change in myself and my life. I wanted to promise myself to live a better future and have a more peaceful present and be grateful for all of it. As I sat in my hospital bed, recovering for two months, I let my promises to myself spill out onto the page.