The Pills That We Take.

Medication; it’s our lifeline,  or is it? We go to our doctors,  and they give us our prescriptions, then they send us home and tell us that all will be okay,  but will we? Medication; we have to take them, but that doesn’t mean that our Medications have to take us.

The side effects alone may cause us to feel sick,  and to lose our sense of self,  but the drugs we take do not mean that we  have to lose hope.

There are days when we might feel hopeless, and like we are ready to give in, those are the days we have to remember that gratitude is warm coat we have to wrap ourselves in. 

Medication; you have to take it, don’t let it take you.  You are so much more than the pills that you are given, and if you’re finding yourself feeling down,  continue to look up because you only have one life, embrace it, and be grateful today,  tomorrow,  and always

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