On Monday, I found out that I needed to have brain surgery done; I haven’t been feeling quite right for some time, so I finally decided to go to my neurosurgeon to get everything checked out. I have known my surgeon for practically my entire life, so I wasn’t nervous when discussing what he needed to do; I didn’t expect him to tell me that the issues have been like they were for so long. As we talked more about the procedure, though, which will be a shunt revision, I did start to get a little apprehensive. Thoughts ran through my head about all of the what if’s of having the surgery, and I began to panic.  

My stomach tightened up, my palms got sweaty, and I began to think about all of the possible things that could go wrong. All of this ordinary, but none of it necessary. When I left his office, I began to breathe again, and as I walked, I started to think a little clearer about what the doctor needs to do. I called my parents and girlfriend and explained what needed to be done, and even more, my fear began to disappear. I began to believe that even though this is a not-so-good day, something good will happen for me by moving forward with this surgery. 

As the week progressed, I continued to believe that something good will happen, and despite feeling not my best throughout this week, I am hopeful that getting this surgery will make me feel better. 

I promise myself to believe that even though life will throw me not-so-good days life, there will always be good days to follow, and I will embrace them. 

Make yourself a promise today to believe that a good day is always around the corner waiting for you, so even when you have a not-so-good day, you will have the hope to continue to move forward.

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