The Promises We Keep

As this new week opens up, I promised myself a few things; one was to be open to new possibilities; I have been dealing with some recent health challenges over the past few weeks, and this week I am hopeful for a change. Two, I promised myself to continue to embrace the imperfections; life is never perfect, and neither am I, and I will accept that. Three, continue to stay in gratitude; this life is mine, and I will continue to live it each day and choose to be happy even when times get tough. 

I am confident in my abilities and choose to focus on doing my best and being my best for me. Life is not a race, and so, I will take a step back and breathe when I need to, allowing me to continue to be confident in all that I am. 

As your new week opens up, what can you promise yourself? What will you choose to focus on to think with a clearer mindset, even after an event or new challenge that you are facing? 

Gratitude is a great teacher, and I have found that focusing on appreciation has allowed me to get through some of life’s most challenging times. Affirmations have also been very helpful in my healing journey. I AM affirmations are the most powerful; I have included three of my favorites below. Choose what works best, and move forward.

I am confident in my abilities to move forward.

I am grateful for this new day.

I choose to focus on what is good in my life.

What are you thankful for today? Let me know by leaving a comment or writing them down in a journal.

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Keep on keeping on, 


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